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support site has more info

Structure of this Repository

  • AusRegEPPTK - Unmodified and working 1.3.2 toolkit.

    binary: libAusRegEPPTK.so

  • ACTK1_0 - Modified working version of above.

    binary: libACTK1_0.so

  • AusRegCliever - The AC Master Daemon

    binary: -cliever

  • APIG - THe AC client programs

    bianries: apig-cli, ausreg-cd, php-apig, rapig, pyapig, etc.


boost libxmlrpc-c and c++ xmlrpc-api-utils SWIG msgpack

The EPP toolkit also has dependencis. The full stack is only need for MD derivative development.

The git repo mirrors my Eclipse project.

At first everything except the AusReg TK was gotten from the normal debian pkgs. The working situation 2014-01 is more complicated than that but on a new host (not necessarily debian) that should be done first.

The Code Synthesis xsd program is used to construct c++ objects from the XSD files defining EPP XML.

The generated code is tracked in git because it's tedious to redo the work needed to get compilable state and easies just to let it move with everything else.